The Perils of Procrastination

I can be a bit of a procrastinator. I’m known for it. I haven’t yet figured out whether it is due to fear of failure – of not doing as well as I want to, of things not going according to plan – or whether it is just general laziness. Perhaps knowing why I do it will help me to treat the cause rather than the effect. Perhaps it has no bearing. Either way, the fact is that I do it. I think it’s my worst habit. I feel that it holds me back from achieving the things I want to achieve, from being where I want to be. Yet, I can’t seem to break the hold procrastination has over me.

Things always get done eventually, but my issue is, if I started tasks sooner, I’d have more time either to perfect them or to get onto other things. I could be so much more productive.

Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of doing things close to their due date, the time pressure adding to the incentive of getting things done at the last minute, the game of racing against the clock… maybe that’s the source of my perennial postponement.

Whatever the cause, I know I could do better, if only I would just get started – but, maybe I’ll leave that until tomorrow…


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