A Note on Over-Extending Yourself

As I explained during the last post, I’ve been temping for some time now. Being someone that more or less walked into a job straight out of university (don’t let me downplay the sheer graft and hardwork that went into landing that job!), and never really took the time out to re-evaluate things and figure out what I wanted along the way, for me right now, temping has been a dream. The first major benefit is the weekly pay. I love it! Another benefit, and the real reason I began temping, is the ability to try out different careers, pretty much risk-free.

Temping isn’t without its disadvantages though – namely job security. At a time when the global economy is unstable and inflation is increasing at an alarming rate, having a regular income is a necessity. And the thing about temping is, sick days aren’t billable (not really, anyway), so, in simple terms – if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

As a consequence of this, and partly due to me being flattered at the overwhelming job requests and interest I’ve had, I’ve been slightly overdoing it. Putting in long hours and doing overtime (literally 13hr days where I used to only work for 7), routinely working through lunch and not taking breaks, and letting the concept of sleep become a myth. Seriously, sleep is a distant dream to me right now! My bank balance looks the healthiest that it has done in awhile, but physically, I feel drained.


Running on Empty

As far as we know, you only get one life. Enjoy it, and take care of yourself. Lesson learned: you have to put your health first; listen to your body, know when to say ‘no.’ With that said, I’m going to bed! Yes, at 9pm! 🙂


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