You Only Have To Be Loyal To Yourself

Last week ended on a really good note for me, in a multitude of ways. I signed up with a new temping agency, and was offered a role instantly (even without interviewing with the company directly). Pro: It’s a really great company. More pros: Amazing reputation, global presence, known for treating employees well. Con: The pay is less than I’d usually accept. More cons: Significantly so. And travel is expensive. Despite all of that, I accepted, and started the role. First day on the job, I was offered one of the roles I’d interviewed for a week or so prior to signing up with the new agency. Dilemma.

The new offer came with better pay. Much better. Literally double the pay of the role at the initial company. And the pros just kept on coming: the new offer was also with a really great company, known for treating its employees well, and much cheaper travel. Aside from the money, the deciding factor for me was stability: the new offer came with a longer contract and a more favourable possibility of long-term progression as a result of the role. It was a no-brainer. (Almost.)

The difficulty for me lay in the fact that I’m a naturally loyal person. Literally, to a fault. And that meant that I felt guilty about letting the people at the first company down. So I spent ages weighing up the pros and cons of both positions and going back and forth on my decision, even though in my heart, I knew what I wanted to do…

The moral of the story is that I realised that I had to stop thinking about how my decision would affect other people, as the only person who would be affected long-term by my decision, was me. Sometimes, selfless people have to learn to be more selfish. Especially regarding careers. Years ago, a wise friend relayed a quote to me that has stayed with me ever since, ‘opportunities are never missed – they’re taken by someone else.’


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