How to Tilt the Odds in Your Favour

Last weekend I was invited to attend an event hosted by an American media personality. As someone that has enjoyed an admirable amount of success, this American’s visit to London (which had been in the pipeline for awhile) was very eagerly anticipated. At an exclusive City location, for one evening only, a mixed crowd of young professionals and creatives gathered, conversed and awaited the wisdom that the guest of honour would impart. As with many events of this scale, the event had been planned months in advance, had been heavily advertised and as a result, was a sell-out. The queue outside was a mile long, and inside, the venue was packed to the brim.

Once the guest of honour appeared on stage (to rapturous applause), the room was transfixed. Many gems were divulged, but the piece of information that stayed with me (and which was most excitedly discussed during the intermission and subsequent after-party) was the following. Four rules for success.

1. Put Your All In

Pretty self-explanatory. The premise here is that in order to gain success, you must first put your all in. Work as hard as you can. Do everything you can in order to make victory more than a distant dream – depending on what you are aiming for, this may or may not include: researching the competition, putting as much time in as possible (Malcolm Gladwell talks about expertise taking 10,000 hours)

2. Sweat The Small Stuff

You can reduce the likelihood of mishaps and ‘The Unexpected’ occurring by paying attention to detail. As any seasoned professional knows, the difference between something being completed to a satisfactory level – and something being absolutely outstanding – are the small things, the finishing touches that a lot of people overlook. Cross your ‘T’s and dot your ‘I’s. Get those details aligned, and you are much more likely to make your endeavours successful.

3. Identify Variables That Are Beyond Your Control

Anyone that has ever conducted a scientific experiment, baked a cake or thrown a party will tell you that there will always be things that you can’t control. Extenuating factors, if you will. The premise is, as long as you know what these are, have covered everything you can through steps one and two, you can try and minimise the eventuality or the impact of these uncontrollables.

4. Breathe

After you have put the necessary work in and done everything that you can do, step four is to surrender. All you can really hope at this point, is that you’ve done enough to make your endeavour a success.

Seems simple enough, right? I plan to incorporate the above steps in my next few ventures. I’ll let you know how it all works out… wish me luck! x


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