A Date.

I wouldn’t quite call it a blind date. But it was a little… uhh… concealed.

Let me back up a little, and give you the full story. As part of my commitment to enjoying life more, making the most of everyday and seizing the moment, my girls and I ‘hit the cluuurrrbb’ the other weekend. We had an amazing night. And a lot of drinks! As usual, there are many moments that can’t be discussed. Yup. Way too many shenanigans.

Memories were definitely made.

One of the more memorable events that I can discuss was that I made a new friend. In between singing, dancing and laughing with the girls, whilst chatting with the bartender and refilling my glass of wine at the bar, I ended up in conversation with a handsome fellow bar-dweller. I can’t remember what his opening statement was (blame it on the alcohol!), but it was enough to entice me into conversing with him.

That conversation lasted the whole night.

As the night drew to a close, and my girls came back over to where Dude and I were talking, they were considerably worse for wear and it was time to make an exit. Dude and I switched numbers and went our separate ways. He called me and we arranged to meet up again the following weekend.

Fast forward a week.

We spoke almost everyday between the night we first met, and Date Night. Yet, I was slightly anxious about meeting up with Dude again. Having had a couple of vinos prior to our initial conversation, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I genuinely found him attractive, or whether I’d come to that conclusion through the cocktail-haze and with the aid of (rose-tinted) beer goggles.

I needn’t have worried.

Dude is a looker. And he’s funny. I made a new friend.


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