Hopes of Good Health (An Introduction to Veganism)

Eight days into the new year.

…Yet I already know of a few people that have fallen off of their resolution bandwagon! As I described last week, this year I have chosen to focus on more elusive concepts rather than traditional and tangible things like exercising, etc. As part of my ‘quest for happiness,’ aside from going out and socialising even more than I previously did (ha!), I have started looking at healthy eating. I’ve never been the biggest meat fan, but my plan to embark on veganism hasn’t been as smooth sailing as I planned. In order to re-focus and get back on track, I visited an organic vegan restaurant this weekend, Vitao.

The layout of the restaurant is quite narrow, with tables quite tightly packed together – yet once you get over the initial awkwardness, the overall feel is more intimate than claustrophobic. With authentic carved wooden tables, you feel as though you are dining at a friend’s house, and the slightly dim lighting adds to the overall warm ambience. The taste of the food was delicious. The service, similar to the temperature of the food, was lukewarm. Vitao is a self-serve kind of restaurant, where patrons are encouraged to select a plate size, are charged based on this, and then help themselves to a buffet style layout of meatless dishes. With selections such as Thai-green curry, a veggie version of the infamous Spanish ‘paella,’ a multitude of rice options and dhal, for a meat-free meal, I was full for hours afterwards. In spite of this, I would have preferred the food to be hotter. The mediocre temperature was a little disheartening for me.

Even more impressive than the meal though, was the beverage list. I have never been more spoilt for choice. With a plethora of healthy teas, smoothies and virgin fruity cocktails on offer, Vitao excels at offering customers a fun way of reaching their five-a-day. That beverages are their strongest selling point was confirmed for me by the amount of people that came in solely to order smoothies and teas whilst my friends and I were at Vitao this weekend.







All in all, I’d go back, if only for the drinks menu.


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