Happy New Year (A New Dawn)

Happy New Year - 2013!

2013. Wow.

Although we are presented with an opportunity to foster change in our lives at every waking moment, it all seems so much grander at the turn of a year.  I think the end of one year and the beginning of another is so popular as a period of change because we like things to be comprehensive and holistic. Entering a new year allows us to look back at the one that has ended and review it as a complete, closed chapter in our lives. In this vein, I took time out today to do just that, and as a result, I feel confident about this year. 2012 was an… interesting year to say the least. It was much anticipated, in London especially – with the Olympics being here, and with us knowing that the whole world was watching… and on a more personal level, I started to feel a little stifled in a job and a company I’d been with since graduation. So 2012 culminated in me handing in my notice, and deciding to be proactive about change. I spent December on a beautiful Caribbean island, celebrating a wedding with family and friends; came back to London to another (surprise) family wedding, and had a very busy end to 2012 filled with lots of food, even more alcohol and hitting the clubs!

My main priorities for 2013 are centred on establishing and maintaining happiness in my life. I plan to stabilise my finances and build a more solid foundation for my future; to kick-start my career; to travel more; to spend more time with family and friends; and to laugh more.

We have one life to live. May as well make it a good one.



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