How to Get Beach Ready in a Week

Probably not what you’re thinking about at this time of the year, with the temperature dropping and Christmas rapidly approaching… but I’m off on holiday soon. Yay!

I haven’t prepared at all.

Less yay.

With just over a week to go until I’m relaxing on a sun lounger, shades on and cocktail in hand somewhere luxurious in the gorgeous Caribbean… you’d think I’d have spent the last few weeks readying myself for The Big Reveal. As any sensible woman would.


The Big Reveal.


You know what I’m talking about.

The sinking feeling we all experience, after all the excitement of an impending holiday subsides, as realisation that we’ll need to ‘bare all’ in a bikini kicks in. That feeling is an anticipation of The Big Reveal. That initial moment when you arrive at the beach, and remove your armour layers of clothing, and expose more flesh than you have for months. Levels of flesh previously only seen in showers and changing rooms!

Well Gems, I haven’t prepared at all. In fact, I’ve done quite the opposite. As has become routine for me at this time of year, with festivities aplenty, I have been indulging in eggnog, mulled wine and chocolates in abundance. Whilst the only exercise I have done in the last couple of months involves pacing Bond street searching for the perfect party dress, or speeding up/down the escalators at any given tube or train station rushing to whichever destination I’m in danger of being a late arrival to, when it comes to real exercise – as in, something recognised by the general public as resembling a workout… nothing.

In fact, less than nothing.

Perhaps the title of this post was a little misleading… my only suggestion if you’ve left it this late in the day to try and factor in some change involves googling YouTube workout videos and lots of exfoliation. Oh, and daily body-brushing. That’s what I’ll be doing. That and investing in some clever optical illusion-type beachwear! Wish me luck!


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