Re-establishing Connections

In anticipation of my imminent move to pastures new, I started organising a ‘leaving drinks’ night out with my team at work, and invited people that I’ve worked with at varying times throughout my employment at my current company. Whilst composing the invites, I came to the realisation that I haven’t made contact with some of them for around a year. Shaking off the slight feeling of embarrassment at my lapse in communication, I sent the invites off first thing in the morning, and got on with powering through the work-related tasks on my to do list.

Around Noon, my two favourite co-workers and I ventured out to source a few venues for the event, around the Oxford Circus/Carnaby street area. By the time we arrived back at our desks an hour later, my inbox was full. The attendee list had grown substantially and my long-lost-loves had all sent loving emails encumbered with well-wishes and confirming their attendance.

I heart them.

Gems, the moral of the story is about re-establishing connections. Where possible, hold on tightly to those you love and those that love you – but when (as is inevitable sometimes) those connections become estranged or slightly frayed due to time, distance or whatever else, don’t allow your pride to stop you making an effort to restore those relationships.


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