Weekend Shenanigans

London’s freezing.

Well… not quite freezing yet, but winter has definitely arrived, and the temperature is steadily dropping. Although I love autumnal and winter-based clothing [see here], as a true summer baby, I’m happiest when the sun is shining. On that note, in just under one month’s time, I’ll be heading to sunnier climes to top up on my Vitamin D and frolic in the sun. YAY! Oh, and to celebrate my cousin’s wedding – can’t forget that important component! So *drum roll please* in preparation for this upcoming major event in my social calendar, last Saturday night, I attended my FIRST EVER Hen party (or “Bachelorette party” as my favourite American colleague calls it).

It was a beautiful night, Gems.

As the groom-to-be could one day read this post, and in order to protect the guilty, I won’t say anything too incriminating… but just know that if we sold a tape of what went on, it would come with an ‘explicit content’ warning!

There’s nothing like bearing witness to close friends and family members of all ages (disclaimer: everyone in attendance was over the age of 21), the majority of whom are consummate corporate and professional women in their everyday lives, truly let loose and unleash their wild side during a Hen night. Hilarious. And even better, I noted that the married ones amongst us were the worst!

When it comes to describing the event, and capturing the essence of what occurred, I’m not even sure where to begin. So I won’t even try. I will summarise though.

In one word: scandal.

In two words: utter shenanigans.

Better yet, in three: Best. Night. Ever. 


One day, all weekends will be made this way.


Side note: It would be just plain rude, if not ignorant, of me to not mention the fact that the American presidential election is taking place tonight. Though not the strongest follower of politics, I do recognise the immensity of this election. And much like I did back in 2008 when the last election took place, once again, I am rooting for Mr Obama. Come on America, “Barack the vote!”


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