How to Get Beach Ready in a Week

Probably not what you’re thinking about at this time of the year, with the temperature dropping and Christmas rapidly approaching… but I’m off on holiday soon. Yay!

I haven’t prepared at all.

Less yay.

With just over a week to go until I’m relaxing on a sun lounger, shades on and cocktail in hand somewhere luxurious in the gorgeous Caribbean… you’d think I’d have spent the last few weeks readying myself for The Big Reveal. As any sensible woman would.


The Big Reveal.


You know what I’m talking about.

The sinking feeling we all experience, after all the excitement of an impending holiday subsides, as realisation that we’ll need to ‘bare all’ in a bikini kicks in. That feeling is an anticipation of The Big Reveal. That initial moment when you arrive at the beach, and remove your armour layers of clothing, and expose more flesh than you have for months. Levels of flesh previously only seen in showers and changing rooms!

Well Gems, I haven’t prepared at all. In fact, I’ve done quite the opposite. As has become routine for me at this time of year, with festivities aplenty, I have been indulging in eggnog, mulled wine and chocolates in abundance. Whilst the only exercise I have done in the last couple of months involves pacing Bond street searching for the perfect party dress, or speeding up/down the escalators at any given tube or train station rushing to whichever destination I’m in danger of being a late arrival to, when it comes to real exercise – as in, something recognised by the general public as resembling a workout… nothing.

In fact, less than nothing.

Perhaps the title of this post was a little misleading… my only suggestion if you’ve left it this late in the day to try and factor in some change involves googling YouTube workout videos and lots of exfoliation. Oh, and daily body-brushing. That’s what I’ll be doing. That and investing in some clever optical illusion-type beachwear! Wish me luck!


Re-establishing Connections

In anticipation of my imminent move to pastures new, I started organising a ‘leaving drinks’ night out with my team at work, and invited people that I’ve worked with at varying times throughout my employment at my current company. Whilst composing the invites, I came to the realisation that I haven’t made contact with some of them for around a year. Shaking off the slight feeling of embarrassment at my lapse in communication, I sent the invites off first thing in the morning, and got on with powering through the work-related tasks on my to do list.

Around Noon, my two favourite co-workers and I ventured out to source a few venues for the event, around the Oxford Circus/Carnaby street area. By the time we arrived back at our desks an hour later, my inbox was full. The attendee list had grown substantially and my long-lost-loves had all sent loving emails encumbered with well-wishes and confirming their attendance.

I heart them.

Gems, the moral of the story is about re-establishing connections. Where possible, hold on tightly to those you love and those that love you – but when (as is inevitable sometimes) those connections become estranged or slightly frayed due to time, distance or whatever else, don’t allow your pride to stop you making an effort to restore those relationships.

Go Find Happiness

I need something new to happen.

You know that feeling you get, when things have been too “same-y” for too long…? Yeah, that. That’s the kind of mode I’m in right now. Eurrrgh. I crave change. I need change. This is the mode that made me feel so blah at work, and the same mode that keeps me unsure about what my next step should be…

I definitely need something new to happen.

There’s a popular notion of thought that compares our lives to Hollywood movies, and says that in our very own life-movie, we play the role of Director. I quite like to think that I control my destiny, that any- and everything is a possibility if I prioritise appropriately and make the right moves.

So now, I have to focus on making those moves.

As Wayne Gretzky famously said,

“you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Weekend Shenanigans

London’s freezing.

Well… not quite freezing yet, but winter has definitely arrived, and the temperature is steadily dropping. Although I love autumnal and winter-based clothing [see here], as a true summer baby, I’m happiest when the sun is shining. On that note, in just under one month’s time, I’ll be heading to sunnier climes to top up on my Vitamin D and frolic in the sun. YAY! Oh, and to celebrate my cousin’s wedding – can’t forget that important component! So *drum roll please* in preparation for this upcoming major event in my social calendar, last Saturday night, I attended my FIRST EVER Hen party (or “Bachelorette party” as my favourite American colleague calls it).

It was a beautiful night, Gems.

As the groom-to-be could one day read this post, and in order to protect the guilty, I won’t say anything too incriminating… but just know that if we sold a tape of what went on, it would come with an ‘explicit content’ warning!

There’s nothing like bearing witness to close friends and family members of all ages (disclaimer: everyone in attendance was over the age of 21), the majority of whom are consummate corporate and professional women in their everyday lives, truly let loose and unleash their wild side during a Hen night. Hilarious. And even better, I noted that the married ones amongst us were the worst!

When it comes to describing the event, and capturing the essence of what occurred, I’m not even sure where to begin. So I won’t even try. I will summarise though.

In one word: scandal.

In two words: utter shenanigans.

Better yet, in three: Best. Night. Ever. 


One day, all weekends will be made this way.


Side note: It would be just plain rude, if not ignorant, of me to not mention the fact that the American presidential election is taking place tonight. Though not the strongest follower of politics, I do recognise the immensity of this election. And much like I did back in 2008 when the last election took place, once again, I am rooting for Mr Obama. Come on America, “Barack the vote!”