A Leap Of Faith

So, last post, I wrote about embracing fear. And about not allowing trepidation to hold you back. The moral of the story was that sometimes in life we have to make uncomfortable decisions, and that we shouldn’t allow fear to delay or even prevent us from making those decisions. The part of that story that went untold – the subtext if you will – was of me psyching myself up for making one of the scariest bravest moves I’ve ever made.

Taking the plunge.

A huge step.

In this economy, with unemployed graduates two a penny…

I handed in my notice at work.

Without having secured a new position.

Nuts, right? I know what you’re thinking, that I’m completely crazy. At first glance, it makes no sense. I can see that. But for me, having done a job I’m only halfway happy with for the past few years, I need more. I want to be fulfilled. I want to be passionate about what I do. I realise that not everybody gets to ‘live the dream’ so to speak. Not everyone will become a millionaire and live a life filled with luxury goods, frequent travel and multiple homes in various locations across the globe.

I get it.

I really do.

The thing is though, I have to at least try.


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