Embracing Fear


Fear is a funny thing.

Not funny in the comical sense, but rather, funny meaning peculiar. A different ‘beast’ to different people, for those of us who are held back by fear, it’s grip can be crippling, stopping us from doing what we are supposed to do, and sometimes even from what we want to do. There are those who are able to channel that (nervous?) energy and find it exhilarating. For the rest of us, however, that is not the case.

Fear’s legacy can be both long-lasting and far-reaching – it’s one of those things you aren’t always consciously aware of, but are on some level, constantly aware of… For me at least, in some aspects of my life I’ve definitely found that to be the case.

As a true Gemini, at this point, I should probably put in a little disclaimer and mention that I am not always held back by fear. On occasion, I’ll surprise myself and find that I am able to be one of those people that uses fearful energy to fuel my progression and propel me into new unexplored territories (more on that another day).

There is a common vein of thought that says that Geminis love change. I can firmly assert that I do, but I also love familiarity. Perhaps this is where the stereotypical Geminean (<— is that even a word?!) dichotomy comes in. Whilst change equals newness and novelty, there is a certain sense of stability and comfort that comes with familiarity. All in all, whilst knowing what you can expect to encounter in a given situation (for example, at work), can make life smoother, there comes a time when you have to shake things up!

Sometimes change is necessary.

Sometimes, you have to “feel the fear, and do it anyway.”


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