The Aftermath

Whilst the whirlwind that was Paris went by in the blink of an eye, the aftermath (namely: a runny nose, a cough, aches & pains, and other general cold-fever-flu-type symptoms) lasted much longer.

After struggling into the office Monday right through to Wednesday, I decided to prioritise my health, and stayed at home for the latter past of last week. Although battling with whatever sickness had overtaken me in the midst of switching the beautiful Parisian sunshine for the cold, windy weather of London, I envisioned days at my desk in my bedroom, filled with productivity. Whilst relegated to my house, I figured I’d get some things that had been lingering on my to-do list crossed off once and for all. And probably feel better for it.


That did not happen.

I’ll admit it, like the stereotypical Gemini that I am, I made extensive (hypothetical) plans to spend my time at home wisely… yet back in the real world, I ended up frittering my free time away, permanently under my duvet and caught up in daytime television.


Still contending with the illness, procrastination set in. Closely followed by a perennial case of me finding distraction – all of which meant that with regards to getting anything of note done, Thursday and Friday were write-offs.

I think it was Maya Angelou who said it best, “nothing will work unless you do.”

By Saturday, I was back on point. I felt a lot better, and I got a whole load of figurative boxes ticked.

I’m back in the game.


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